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GoPro Player RAM usage issue

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My Gopro Player app on Windows 10 works obviuosly incorrectly. It doesn't release RAM memory (sorry for bad english, i'll explain everything further :) ) and overloads it inadequately.

My workflow is the following:
Copy .360 from memory card, open it in GoPro Player app and export to .mov with CineForm codec. It creates a file 10 times bigger then the .360-one (by the way it takes time to export because the app very often just suddenly crashes, it's so annoying,  PLEASE work on it's im0provements further!)

I reframe this .mov file. Works quite normally. There are many lags, but ok, with such a big file quite logically. Then I export it to .mp4 with h.264 codec.
And there start an issue. I mentioned that with records more then 5 minutes (even around 6 minutes) it crashes every time, no chance to export. It simply shuts down without saying anything. With small ones - a lottery, you never know if will be successfully exported or app will crash again...

Trying to understand what is the problem I found the following:
The app logically loads RAM very strong, but it doesn't release it then when used. The usage of RAM only grows constantly. When RAM (16Gb) is fully used, it starts to use swap file on system SSD, and when the swap file is full - app crashes. When I set swap file to bigger one (to 30Gb in addition to 16 Gb ram) it was again not enough. But it crashed with an error message this time about failed attempt to read memory with address like 00000000x00.

I turned additional swap file on another HDD (30 Gb more) and finally I succeed in export, but!

In the end it turned out that app needed 38 Gb of RAM to export 8 minutes video from .mov to .mp4 reframed, otherwise it crashed!!

What's interesting as well. After export is ready, the RAM is further used to same procentage, as before. For instance I had 97% of RAM at the ending point of the export. After export it stays the same and never change.

So I understand, that the software is simply not able to delete used and no more needed data from RAM, simply pumping it further and further.

What I am sure about - it's not normal. What am I asking - am I alone with the problem? And can you guess what could I do to solve it?

It's not everything actually :) After export picture in .mp4 file can suddenly lose the quality. Two exports - two different scenarios where in the same file there'll be a quality loss. It look like you watching youtube and the speed of internet connection falls and pic quality gets from 1080 to 256 or whatever (don't remember), you know?)
Obviously it's because .mov is on expernal HDD (otherwise app lags extremely) and it doesn't manage to read it with needed speed at the moment, but.. really? Maybe app could take it's time when it's hard to read source file and not spoiling the whole video for user?? Seriously! People, are you really so bad in software or am I too lasy to wait that it will simply work?..

I have a GoPro Player, HECV Codec - payed version from Microsoft store.


My computer is a laptop with Windows 10 Home and following hardware:

Inter Core i7-6700HQ

16 Gb RAM DDR4

Intel HD Graphics 530 + nVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
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Re: GoPro Player RAM usage issue

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Hi @greenpeak67411


Thank you for the details you have provided.

Were you able to go through the steps on How to Resolve GoPro Player/GoPro MAX Exporter Crashing Issue?

Do you observe the same when launching the app through a different user profile/account on your computer?