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GoPro Player Output Directory bugs - easy fixes

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Here are two bugs which should have easy fixes. Please excuse the rant if this has been posted already.



This is what I did:

a) Opened GoPro Player (version on up to date Windows 10)

b) Selected Batch Exporter from the app menu

c) Dragged and dropped 10 files from Windows Explorer

d) Clicked blue text next to 'Output Directory' and Folder Browser opened

e) Selected desired folder and pressed OK. This was confirmed as 'Output Directory' now displayed the expected.

f) Pressed Start to commence the export.

Result: Files where processed but NOT placed in selected folder. Instead files where placed in previous set folder.


I am amazed this simple bug wasn't found during testing!



On opening of Batch Exporter all settings are disabled if there a no files in the list. (Coded, Resolution, World Lock, Horizon Level etc) This is good. However, if there are files in the list when the Batch Exporter is opened, the settings are enabled. That is also good.


But - if you drag one or more files over, these settings should now be enabled but they are not. They stay disabled. Not good. Simple fix.


Bonus bug)

There's also some weirdness going on with populating the dropdown for Resolution. Sometimes 5.6K is not available for Cineform, but let's leave that for now.


I fear this app has not spent very much time being debugged. Good luck.

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Re: GoPro Player Output Directory bugs - easy fixes

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We appreciate the feedback, @rockyoasis71261. If you have not done it yet, please join the discussions on this Facebook Group. Thanks!

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Re: GoPro Player Output Directory bugs - easy fixes

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I hope GoPro comes up with a solution quickly. Especially the first one. The standard output folder hasn't enough diskspace on my computer so I have to keep moving the files manually to another folder during export...