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GoPro Max GPS overlay NOT working on Quik for Mac Desktop & Quik IOS App

Good morning. How is everything?

I've just bought a new GoPro MAX and I'm very excited about all the capturing possibilities.

Therefore, I'm doing all types of videos. Unfortunately, all the videos that I'm capturing thinking about the GPS information's overlay are not working.

I've already searched in the owner's manual, foruns and explaining videos, but nothing is enabling the data information.

I use the GoPro Apps (Player & Quik) on my Mac and on my iPhone, but none of them are working.

Could you please help me on this issue? What do you guys recomend? 

Thanks for the attention.

Best regards,


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Re: GoPro Max GPS overlay NOT working on Quik for Mac Desktop & Quik IOS App

Quik for mac is not compatible with the GPS data in the new cameras. On iOS, you must add the GPS stickers in the GoPro App, NOT in Quik. if the GoPro App still does not show GPS overlays, your files might not contain GPS data, or the signal might be too weak. You can check whether your video files contain GPS data or not here:

Here are more tips on how to achieve better results with the GPS data: