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GoPro Hero 7 stabilization on but not working after import to Quik

So I was importing footage from my GoPro and had to cancel the import half way through (6/12 were imported).

When looking at the footage now that all of it is imported, the first 6 do not have stabilization while the second 6 do.

Is there something in the Quik app to turn on stabilization in some of the videos? Is there something wrong with either the app or my GoPro?

Most importantly, is the footage savagable? (this is probably one of my best days and id hate to lose half my footage)

An example from the first half (bad) and second half (good) are attached.





GoPro Hero 7 with stabilization working as it should.
GoPro Hero 7 with stabilization not working.
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Re: GoPro Hero 7 stabilization on but not working after import to Quik

The Stabilization is applied in camera, not in the software afterwards.  It looks like in one clip the stabiliztion is on, however in another it is turned off.   I cannot say for sure, but the stabilization probably works better when the camera is level, in each clip is looks like the camera was mounted at an angle.


You can always edit the footage in Premier Pro, re-orient the camera angle and apple warp stabilization to the footage.  However due to the odd angle you may find a lot of your footage would have to be cropped in order to make it fit into a full frame.