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GoPro Fusion Plugins with Bug for Adobe Premiere Pro 2019

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(GoPro Fusion Plugins with Bug for Adobe Premiere Pro 2019)



in the past everything was fine with the GoPro Fusion. After the installation of the beta 2.0 firmware I recognized some problems. First off all, the update worked. Can't use the android phone correctly (app shows just one cam, not both of the gopro). But this is not the point. 


After my holyday tripp I recongnized a "broken file format or not supported" message in adobe premiere (older version). that was new. After my update to Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 this was fixed. Now I can import the files without an error message but ..


If I place more than one 360° video in my sequence


put the most important effect "GoPro Reframe" on both


the first video can be controlled by the effect (yaw, pitch, roll)


the second one not. It shows just one direction. And the whole effect is very, very slow and laggy. In the past it was much better.


Now I have a problem. It seems to be all video files are in a new format. I have to use the PremPro 2019 Version. But in this version the plugin does not work. In the old version of PremPro the plugin works but I can not import the videos (created with firmware 2.0).


and now?


OS: Windows 10 (64)

Fusion FW: 2.0

Fusion Studio: 1.3, 1.4

Premiere Pro: 2019

Plugin: GoProVRPlugins_x64_102.exe





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Re: GoPro Fusion Plugins with Bug for Adobe Premiere Pro 2019

Hello @jangofett. Thank you for the details that you provided. See if restarting your phone after updating to the latest version of the app will help resolve the issue with the phone showing only one camera.

As for the process with Adobe Premiere Pro, will you be able to send us a video clip showing your workflow? This way, we will be able to get a better understanding of what is going on. We hope to hear back from you. Thanks!