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GoPro Fusion 360 Video - Can I zoom in and out?

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So I came across this thread:

This is exactly what I would like to do also but I wasn't sure if it has been solved since then or planning to be added.

I love that in the GoPro VR Player I can zoom in and out to see more.

Basically I want to keep it a 360 video when I upload to YouTube or Facebook and I know that the user will not be able to zoom in and out but I would love to set a specific zoom before uploading.


This is because while I was snowboarding, the pole wasn't too far away and so I am so close to the camera and you only can view half of me at one time. If I zoom out in the GoPro VR Player, I can make it so I can see all of me but there is no way to save that zoom.

I have plugins set up in Adobe Premiere but I wasn't sure which plugin was needed to do this or even if it was possible. I've spent hours trying to mess with it with no luck.


If anyone has a tutorial on this, let me know. Again, I would like to keep it a 360 so the user can look around.