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GoPro FX Reframe Plug-in prevents me from launching Adobe Premiere pro

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Attempted to edit some 360 videos using GoPro FX reframe, I ran the install and then afterward tried to launch Premiere Pro 2021. It crashes due to "sorry an error occurred" and then prompts me to send a report the adobe void. 


If I go to the plug-in install location (/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore) and delete the plug-in, premiere launches just fine. So the plug-in is certainly the problem.


I also tested another device by downloading/installing premiere pro + GoPro FX reframe,  and the same thing happens.


What's really odd, is that I have used the reframe on this device before and had no issues with it, now all of a sudden I can't even open PP with the plug-in installed. Is there a fix for this?


As I have searched the internet I found very few mentions of the GoPro FX plugin after 2020, this seems very strange to me, am I the only person trying to use this thing? To my understanding, even people with the insta360 line of cameras still have to use the GoPro FX reframe for adobe to edit 360 videos.. where is everybody?

Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 1.10.11 AM.png