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GoPro FX Reframe 1.2.2 freezes Adobe Premiere 2022 and 2021

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I have a quite frustrating time using the FX Reframe plugin (currently latest version 1.2.2) in Adobe Premiere 2021 and also in Premiere 2022. I have exported footage with the GoPro Player in 5.6K equirectangular format and when I start using the FX Reframe plugin on it, it freezes Premiere Pro 2021&2022 after a few minutes (not responding) and I have to restart it. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, sometimes it happens quicker, but it is completely reproducable.


I have testet it on a Lenovo P53 on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 and another Lenovo P53 having only installed a fresh Windows 10 + Premiere Pro and the plugin with the same behaviour. 

I have to finish a project which I am going to need a working setup for, please help!