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GoPro Apps for making music videos

Hi, my name is Jason.  I recently purchased 2 new hero 8's and have started recording my bands live performances.  Now I'm ready to make a video using the 2 different angles.  Except, I dont know which app I need.  My research on YouTube suggests "GoPro Studio".  Except, I cannot download it for some reason.  I fill out the required info such as "email/operating system requirements" but when I click the "Download button"  nothing happens.  I guess I have 2 questions...


1) am I seeking the right app for what im rrying to accomplish?

2) How can I safely download it?

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Re: GoPro Apps for making music videos

@jasonk71448, we no longer have any installer of GoPro Studio available on You can find more details about this at

Anyhow, you can check this list of editing applications that work well with GoPro files as shared by a Hub member. 


There are also some software suggestions in this article that will help.


If you would like product or tutorial videos to better understand these other applications, I recommend searching online video hosting websites (such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc) for published videos or other 3rd party generated content.