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GoPro 4K 60 footage on MacBook Pro

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Does anyone have experience with 4K 60 footage on a MacBook Pro (mid 2015 version).

My video plays perfectly on the little Hero 7 Black (from the microSD card it came with), but when I download it to the Mac--playing from its internal solid state memory--in both QuickTime Player and iPhoto, the video doesn't play properly. It's jerky and lags sound and video relative to each other, indicating something isn't fast enough to play it properly.

I can't imagine it's the memory, as it is solid state.

Is it possible that my big expensive MacBook Pro (it's called PRO!!! after all) can't play this resolution of video? Does anyone have experience with that? I understand my computer is a little older, but could it be THAT slow???


What kind of super-computer do I need to get to not only simply play back but also edit and really work properly with these videos?

Does anyone have experience with this?

Can't believe the tiny camera can do it, and the MacBook Pro can't? (I shut it down and launched nothing but QuickTime Player and even shut down WiFi to make sure nothing else is hogging its processor, and still no luck!)


Thanks for any advice (other than: "shoot in lower resolution!"  Although, if you happen to know what the maximum resolution is, that my MacBook Pro can handle, that would be useful information)


Thanks! Smiley Happy


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Re: GoPro 4K 60 footage on MacBook Pro

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When you play the footage on your camera, you're not actually viewing your full 4K @ 60FPS file, the camera is actually playing back the LRV file (low resolution video).  After all, the tiny LCD on the back of the camera isn't even going to be able to display 4K footage so why play back the high resolution file?


Can you post the specs of your Mac?  I have a feel that the "Pro" is about as relevant as putting the term "Grade A Milk" on an ingredients list (there's no such thing as Grade A milk, milk isn't graded by any USDA standards).  So the term "Pro" is irrelevant.  Is it that your MacBook is a "Pro" at editing office documents ...


Anyway, posting the specs will help greatly in finding an answer and hopefully getting you a solution.