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GoPro Apps for Desktop
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Go Pro desktop app

Gopro experience thus far has been horrible


First, capture quality is terrible on the gopro even though i have a 1080p 60 fps capture card. After that, I figured I'd just record onto the gopro - not a big deal. But because the card is full I can't even see the screen on the go pro with it in there so I cant reformat it from there. Then I have go to the app which never opened on my windows computer because the view of the screen goes awry. So now we 're on my other computer, which has to then download the files to the computer before it can erase them? This is absolute insanity please fix at least a few of these problems.


How can i open the gopro app on windows if it doesnt appear on the screen. when i control tab its a window but won't show up on my screen, incredibly frustrating.


Also how can i delete files on the go pro without copying them to computer first


Thanks for reading this!



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Re: Go Pro desktop app

FIXED: opening up the app, you need to right click on the icon >> properties >> shortcut >> select maximized on the drop down menu


This was absolutely ridiculous that I had to spend time figuring this out and should never have happened. Please fix the other issues with the go pro this needs a lot of work

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Re: Go Pro desktop app

Thanks for sharing @danielc47768

Please note that Quik for desktop is no longer under development. But you can still use the program to import, view, and edit your GoPro footage.


For deleting files, you may check the folder via File Explorer first.

Delete the files you do not wish to copy.

Create a folder on your computer and copy the ones you wish to keep.

Then add this as a media folder on Quik for desktop. See How to Add Media Folders in Quik for desktop


Let us know how it goes.