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Go Pro VR Player for mac FAILED TO LOAD MEDIA

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I have the latest version of Go Pro VR Player.

I used the Go Pro Fusion app to render the videos whilst connected to the Fusion camera.

All worked fine. I dragged the rendered *.mov file to the VR Player and enjoyed watching it.

Next day I try again and all 8 rendered files cause an error message FAILED TO LOAD MEDIA


Can someone give clear instructions on how to fix this without using technical words or acronyms?



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Re: Go Pro VR Player for mac FAILED TO LOAD MEDIA

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Hello @hardyridge1638. .Please check if the media files are still in the format supported by the GoPro VR PLayer. There is a list of supported formats here


If the player still cannot read the video, try to change video decoding backend in Preferences (refer to which video/image file formats are supported). ON the VR PLayer, click on File, then Preferences, then Video Decoding. 


There is more information about the GoPro VR Player at GoPro VR Sunset Information .

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Re: Go Pro VR Player for mac FAILED TO LOAD MEDIA

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HI Mariustanya.

First, thanks for getting back to me so quickly


My OS is Catalina 10.15


The files are labelled (and subsequent numbers) 


The files are in a folder set up by the Fusion app called Rendered. This folder sits in the root directory of my La Cie portable hard drive.


The files were created and amed by the Fusion app. 


The first four of eight files files played in the go pro VR player shortly after they were rendered but none of the files play now.


How do I check if they are in the supported format? I see the formats that are supported, but how do I know what format these files are in? I attach a screen print of the file information. I may be being too logical here, but my assumption would be that if the files are created by the Fusion app they should be created into a supported format. 


Secondly, which video decoding option should I choose from preferences?


Multiple formats supported:

  • 360 videos up to 4K
  • Cineform for 360 videos above 4K
  • 3D stereo videos
  • 360 pictures (equirectangular)
  • You can input 360 videos up to 4K and 3D stereo videos
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