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Go Pro VR Player Windows displays all black

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When I render both 360 and overcapture images from the Go Pro Studio that cannot be rendered in the Go Pro VR Player on my Windows 10 machine.  The overcapture images run correctly in Movavi and other movie software so they have been redered correctly.


The screen is all black after I drag one of the movie files into the GoPro VR Player window. It displays the audio and the progress bar moves but the screen remains black.

I have an NVIDIA Quadro P620 card and its driver is up to date.

Windows Version 10 Pro

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Re: Go Pro VR Player Windows displays all black

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Hi @peppystorm6522


GoPro VR Player for Desktop Can’t Read my video

Try to change the video decoding backend in Preferences (refer to which video/image file formats are supported)

GoPro VR Player for Desktop Supported Peripherals

The player supports standard headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and automatically selects the right SDK to use (or force the one you want in Preferences/Controllers menu). It also supports Leap Motion and Intel RealSense devices. Refer to our documentation for more details:


Though for the GoPro Player, see if the steps shared by @philiph34371 will help.