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Go Pro Hero + import files

I have bought a Go Pro Hero+ a few years ago.

I have always used it through the usual Go Pro programs to import the files, but now I get in trouble.

Quik opens when I plug in the Go Pro and turn it on, but I can't see whether there is anything on the Go Pro.

When I take the MicroSD card out of the Go Pro and put it into my computer through a USB device I can see the files I shot two years ago, but not the ones I shot yesterday.


I have tried everything (Mac-Windows), using the Quik-app or putting the SD card into the computers directly, but nothing seems to help. 

I have also checked the output type (PAL or NTSC (?)) but to no avail.



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Re: Go Pro Hero + import files

Hello @amberd531. Do you have information on what the recent files are? Are they photos? videos? See if the counter on the camera matches the number of files that you are supposed to have. You might also want to check how it goes using a different computer. Which SD card are you using? Is it among the recommended ones on this list? Hope to hear back from you.