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Go Pro Fusion Stitching stops at 0.4%

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I have been trying to stich 360 videos and have encountered an issue. When I render the video, the stitching process gets stuck on 0.4% and will not proceed. I am doing this on a Macbook Pro. The video I am trying to stitch is 4 min 30 sec and the settings I used were Editing, 3K, stereo sound (6.83 GB). The files are saved on my external harddrive and that is where I am rendering the files. I left Go Pro Fusion go overnight and it was still stuck on "stitching 0.4%". Any help would be great!

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Re: Go Pro Fusion Stitching stops at 0.4%

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Hi @jarredb738


Would you mind transferring the files to your local drive?

Change the render location to your local drive as well.

Let us know how it goes.