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GPS Track

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I'd like to include a GPS track in my videos.  I know that the Hero9 has a built in GPS, but when I look at the write-up about Quik, it says that the GPS track feature may not work on any camera later than the Hero7.  (It also says that Quik is no longer being supported, so this won't change in the future.)


So the question is: what video software can I use to save my Hero9 footage with the GPS path on the video?

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Re: GPS Track

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Hello @fvcoulter


You can use the GoPro app for mobile. See How to View Stickers in the GoPro App
Desktop applications like RaceRender or Dashware should also work.
You may also check this thread:




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Re: GPS Track

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You can find some alternative software to edit your videos with telemetry gauges here:

Or you can modify your files with this tool I created to make them compatible with Quik:

GoPro GPS not working? Enable the gauges overlay with the GPS Quick Fix tool: E...