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GPS Overlay in Create Mode

Wil the GPS overlay not work in create mode? I was even think of adding the overlay, saving the video, then trying open it up again in create mode. However, it only gves me the option to share on Facebook or Youtube once the overlay are added.

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Re: GPS Overlay in Create Mode

Looks like you have to trim the whole clip, then save, then open it up Create mode. Seems like a lot of work, for something that suppose to make it easier to edit videos.

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Re: GPS Overlay in Create Mode

Hey @acdcbc


That's correct. You can see the gauges in the Quik App, but they are not automatically shown in videos when you view the videos in Create Mode or through another media player. Many people, including myself, keep the GPS turned on, and you wouldn't want to have gauges applied to every single video, especially for ones that don't include much movement. For the gauges to be saved onto the video, they need to be processed through the desktop app. If you "trim" the videos in Quik with the gauges applied, you can actually save the whole video there and it will have the gauges saved. You can then view it on other devices or media players or put it into Create Mode while retaining the gauges.