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GPS Daten nicht verfügbar in Quik

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Ich kann meine Telemtriedaten auf auslesen lassen.

Leider schafft es die Quik App nicht, diese Daten anscheinend zu erkennen, geschweige denn zeigt die App mir an, dass GPS wäre nicht aktiviert.


Nur möchte ich mir nicht externe Apps kaufen damit ich einen Fehler von GoPro ausbaden kann.

Hat jemand anders sonst eine Idee?

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Re: GPS Daten nicht verfügbar in Quik

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I am having the same problem.  I then did a larger mistake which was uninstall quik to see if it was a problem with my installation.  Durning the uninstall, quik deleted ALL OF MY FILES from the gopro media locations.  Before uninstalling please make sure you do a backup.  Why would DELETE EVERYTHING ever be a part of the uninstall process and if there is a reason for it, why wouldn't give some sort of "heads up" before empyting the folder? 

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Re: GPS Daten nicht verfügbar in Quik

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Thanks for you feedback.
I installed the program already on 2 computers and it just doesnt work.
With the website on top I can litterally read out all of the data but this is a software problem of GoPro and I don't see the point in offering the service and feature and not delivering the stuff for that price...

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Re: GPS Daten nicht verfügbar in Quik

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Hi @professorbizeps @toughstorm2478


Sorry for any trouble caused.

Please note that Quik for desktop is no longer in development.

You may explore other programs that can be used for the same purpose. Moreover, the GoPro App also supports importing, viewing, and editing GoPro media on a compatible mobile device. 

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