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GPO Max: How to access file numbering in Player?

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This is driving me crazy, as there must be a simple solution but I cannot find it....

I'm trying to speed up my workflow with creating a series of (very similar, but different) vids from my new GoPro Max, so have loaded the files from the GoPro onto my Mac to speed up editing, BUT when looking at the media in Player to try to pick the right files, I can only see Duration as info about each thumbnail, but nothing else. How can I identify it?
Oh yes, click on info and it still won't give you a file number.

So when I go into Finder to open up a file, I have a long list of file numbers and I have NO idea which one I just looked at in Player!
Somebody please point me in the right direction, this is driving me nuts.....


...and please don't tell me the solution is to mark it with a jolly yellow flag, because I NEED to know the file number of what I'm looking at in the so-called Media Player: Surely it could be toggled on and off across the thumbnail?
Why is it hidden, and how can I display it please?