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Bonjour à tous, 


J'ai la dernière go pro hero 9 black et je cherche à télécharger le logiciel go pro studio afin de faire des montage vidéo.

Seulement impossible de trouver où le télécharger. 


Merci si quelqu'un pouvait m'aider. 


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There seems to be a bit of confusion with your post.


1:  You've listed "GoPro Fusion Studio" as a tag in your post.  GoPro Fusion Studio is for GoPro Fusion camera's only, it's just to stitch 360 degree images together.


2:  GoPro Studio (which was the original PC software released with the Hero 2) has been discontinued for a number of years and it only worked with up to the GoPro Hero 4 really.  It was prone to crashing and not very user friendly.


3:  GoPro Quik for desktop replaced GoPro Studio, however due to the fact it was pretty bad software and aimed at only making 60 second clips, this was also discontinued over 3 years ago.  It will not work with the GoPro Hero 8 and it will not work with the GoPro Hero 9 as both of these camera's were released after GoPro Quik for desktop was discontinued.


Currently GoPro only offer Quik for Android and Quik for iOS for editing video.


If you want to edit video on your desktop, you will need to use another video editor from a 3rd party.  I recommend DaVinci resolve as it's a professional editor and it's completely free for personal use.

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I just used quick with my hero 9. it still works fine for 60 second clips. But if you are looking to do longer videos you will need a dedicated editing sofware. Resolve is very good, many movies are edited with it, but it can be a but daunting to just jump right into. Adope premiere is another great suite to use. But if you're looking for something simple. Use windows video editor, youre not going to get a lot out of it but it'll get the job done.