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Fusion studio will not run after installing Davinci Resolve

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A few days ago I installed Davinci Resolve because I was unable to get audio from my 360 files when doing overcapture with GoPro player. Now, Fusion Studio will not run at all. I uninstalled Davinci Resolve, Fusion Studio still would not run. So uninstalled Fusion Studio and reinstalled it, still will not run. When I start Fusion Studio, it shows up in Task Manager for about a second and then disappears.

Now I'm completely screwed, unable to process any of my GoPro Fusion footage on my new computer that I expressly bought for the purpose of working with the Fusion videos. So now its back to the only way I've ever been successful using any of the footage, an old retired android phone that used to be my wife's,.

By the way, GoPro Player will not run either.

WIndows 10 Home
Dell XPS 8940, Core i9, 32 Gb ram, NVIDIA GE Force GTX 1660 Ti 6Gb,

in case any of that is useful.

Help me please.

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Re: Fusion studio will not run after installing Davinci Resolve

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I got Fusion Studio to run again by doing a factory reset on the computer I'm using and reinstalling Fusion Studio. I will not be reinstalling Davinci Resolve.


GoPro Player also is running, but still will not put audio on the output files when I do overcapture. I'm resorting to runing Fusion Studio twice: once to get the 360 file for GoPro Player, and a second time with overcapture to get the  a file that has audio. Then I run GoPro Player to get the camera angles I want. Then go to another video editting software to merge the video from GoPro Player with the audio from the Fusion Studio overcapture.


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Re: Fusion studio will not run after installing Davinci Resolve

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I have the same issue, changing the libeay32 to libeay32_  in the program file resolved my issue with fusion studios and vr. You have to rename the file in both fusion studios and vr player.