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Fusion studio out of memory exceptions

gopro fusion studio constantly crashes, can't render more than a few minutes or tiny clips before it crashes.


is this sorry excuse of a "program" ever going to be fixed?  I cannot even render one decent video clip without it consuming all of my memory, paging to disk, then an application crash due to out of memory exception.   


most expensive paper weight i've ever bought. extremely disappointed in gopro software development team on fusio studio. worst app i've used in years.  probably should have sold the camera a year ago when I first got it, but i was hopeful these software issues would be worked out by now. i guess i was wrong.  


eta son?

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Re: Fusion studio out of memory exceptions


Hi @dw450


I am sorry to hear about the crashing issues.

What is your computer's operating system?

Does the issue happen only when your camera is plugged in? Or even if you add files manually?