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Fusion Studio shortening video lapses

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Hi Everyone,
I m running a 2.0 beta software fusion, with the 1.4 Fusion Studio, brand new stocky macbook pro, formated 64G SD compatible cards.

If i shot some videolapse during let s say a daytime with one picture every 60 secs, 5,6K 24 , fusion studio get s only a 3 secs video .


If i check the files on the sd cards, there s the whole thing, so i ve copy them in my laptop > not workiing


I ve reinstalled the fusion app > still nope


allright, let s go through the phone app ( some topic classified the problem "solved" by  going through a smartphone... it should be more classified as " partially solved" because it should nt be that much difficult.

anyway, let s try with the phone app > oh! i can see the whole lenght video for the first time ! it looks good even nor in low resolution, let s copy it in the phone, then i ll send it somehow to my laptop .

copying files down the app, not working ! 😤 again !!!

I try to copy it but without even starting it says "cancelled"


what solution to simply copy a stiched video?  i m not asking more 


is there a 3rd party software, that just stitch the video ?





thank you 




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Re: Fusion Studio shortening video lapses

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Hello, @bolddusk12853. There is a user-shared solution here that might help. Should you need further assistance, our Support team can be reached through .  



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Re: Fusion Studio shortening video lapses

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Hello mariustanya


Thanks for your reply, i know it is the "solved problem" link i was talking about. 

Let s do it like this, but it s a real shame to have to go through a phone, when you have a good laptop, and your camera. It s an unecessary step that fill your phone, which gets hot and busy for a long time.