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Fusion Studio - not enough memory

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Be sure to try out Fusion Studio BEFORE purchasing the Fusion. 

I've trusted the required specs information from the official page, and now I'm left with a useless 700$ camera and an app that won't open.


I've purchased the Fusion, only to find the first time I tried importing footage that Fusion Studio wouldn't start up on my computer - stating (falsly) not enough memory. 

I've contacted customer service almost 3 months ago, got a confirmation that my computer meets the required specs, and they will provide a solution soon. Well, no solution was given, they tried to reverse their confirmation by saying that my computer does not meet the system specs and when I refuted their claims one-by-one, they suddenly disappeared. Now we are at a stage that I've written dozen emails and get literally no answer for more than a month. I've chatted them again and again, got a promise they would get back to me, well, guess what, they didn't. It's truly incredible that a customer service solves their matters by simply ignoring messages from customers.


Very interesting that I run everything from Premiere Pro to After Effects smoothly, it's just Fusion Studio that doesn't work, despite confirmedly meeting the system requirements.


Moral of the story: do NOT trust information provided by GoPro for applications system specs, go and check for yourself and you won't be left with a useless 700$ piece of gear and a great disappointment in a brand that you've loved for years and bought many products from.



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Re: Fusion Studio - not enough memory

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Hi @nicesand38370


Based on the information on your case, your computer's available RAM is around 5GB, Fusion Studio requires 8GB of available memory.

You may want to try using the GoPro app to stitch your videos or a different computer that meets the requirements.







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Re: Fusion Studio - not enough memory

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Hi aragon1006.


That is factually incorrect, please do not try to twist facts as all your support team does. The requirement is NOT 8GB available, it is 8GB installed RAM, which I do have. Your team even confirmed it, but you can also find it out yourself, if you check the requirements on the website..:) 


No thanks,


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Re: Fusion Studio - not enough memory

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I can understand your frustration, I (for a while) had 2 GoPro Fusions that were missing out on their full potential due to having numerous PC issues myself.  Anyway, onto diagnosing your issue.


Can you share your PC specs here?  That way everyone has the correct information and we can hopefully come up with a solution to your issue and get you editing in no time!