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Fusion Studio - eGPU for macpro late 2013 trashcan

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I’ve been rendering fusion footage with my late 2013 macpro (trashcan shape) and it’s taking HOURS and hours. 


Could the GoPro devs let me know if an eGPU would significantly reduce render time and if so, which cards work and which offer the best speeds? Ie what’s the ideals setup?


I’m considering a AMD RX 580 with an Akitio chassis - as that’s the recommended eGPU set-up Apple are selling as a dev kit.



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Re: Fusion Studio - eGPU for macpro late 2013 trashcan

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@plingboot - Great question, let me reach out to the appropriate folks to see what their take on that set up would be. That said, your MacPro is a beast, so I have some background questions to help steer the discussion: 


  1. I assume you're referring to the actual render/export of your stitched footage--not the rendering of preview files (e.g., before you can make your edits/color correction), correct? If the issue is with preview rendering while opening Fusion Studio, please answer question #2. 
  2. What's your import method?
    • Manual: files stored locally on your MacPro; then dragged/opened in Fusion Studio. 
    • Via Camera: connecting the camera via  
  3. What are we talking here, in terms of footage: 
    • Resolution
    • Approximate duration of rendered clips and the total number of clips in the in render queue. 
    • Was Protune enabled?
  4. What are the SD cards' make/model/capacity (purely out of curiosity)? How much of their capacity is taken up by footage on the card?
  5. While rendering, do you have any other graphics-intensive applications running?
  6. Where are you exporting the rendered files to (e.g., local HD, external HD)?

I'll look forward to hearing back!

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Re: Fusion Studio - eGPU for macpro late 2013 trashcan

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@edg thanks for the reply. I've been away from the desk for a fews days - hence the delayed response.


1. Yes, i'm referring to actual render times

2. Previewing is reasonabvly quick - i've downloaded the files from the fusion cards to an external thunderbolt2 hard drive.

3a. Resolution is 5k. I've not played with the settings on the camera

3b. Aproximate duration of the rendered clip(s) is 2-3 minutes. The actual footage is as long as 36mins, but i'm just selecting short sequences to render.

3c.Protune NOT enabled. I've also got stabilisation switched off - the first clip i tried with it switched on looked very jerky once rendered.

4. Don't think this is relevant as i'm not working from the cards :-)

5.I have nothing else running on the macpro when rendering. 

6. rendered files go back onto the external disk the source footage is stored on, via thunderbolt 2. 


I've tried rendering a batch of sequences, but usually find that Fusion Studio grinds to a halt after 4 hours or so.

I'm now rendering sequences individually. As I mention above they're around 2-3 mins in length and take 2-4 hours to render.


Rndering this kind of footage is always going to be time consuming  - 3mins is 4500 individual panoramic images… but if your tech folks can advise what hardware WILL help reduced that time, I'd much appreciate it. My suspicion is that it's a graphics card bottle neck rather than a disk write one. 


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Re: Fusion Studio - eGPU for macpro late 2013 trashcan

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@plingboot - did you ever get an answer to your question or end up going ahead getting the egpu? How’d it go?