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Fusion Studio, Windows, won't find/use NVidia GPU.

Greetings.  I have a Fusion.  I have both a Mac (2018 Mac Pro) and and Windows Desktop.  When using Fusion Studio: the Mac uses the GPU, the PC will not use the GPU.  Any idea why?


It's an Intel i7-3770K, which has an integrated/small GPU.  An NVidia GTX-970 is also installed.  It only ever renders on the CPU, and never selects and/or finds the NVidia card. This is annoying, because the NVidia card as ~1,500 GPU cores, and presumably the rendering time would be significantly faster.  I'm using a fresh/clean Windows 10 build, with the default Microsoft-certified NVidia driver (


I've tried all versions of Fusion Studio (including the current Beta/RC2), and they all do the same thing.  Technically, if the software is using, say, OpenCL, it feels like you're either not enumerating the drivers properly, or, aren't determining that the NVidia card is the one that should be selected.  Either that, or the GoPro service isn't seeing the card at all.


Any ideas?  Thank you!





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Re: Fusion Studio, Windows, won't find/use NVidia GPU.

@grandmesa23283, as far as I know, since your Windows computer has a dedicated graphics cards, the computer picks the integrated graphics by default and will automatically switch to the full-blown GPU when necessary. Can you try to set NVidia as your default graphics card?