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Fusion Studio - GPU selector?

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I have a Mac with an external GPU. When I use with an external HDMI monitor (not my Mac Thunderbolt Monitor), Fusion uses the GPU properly, and is much faster.

However, when I plug in my Apple Thunderbolt Monitor (and my external HDMI monitor), it uses the crappy onboard intel and not my GPU.

It seems there's no way to make it work. ( I've tried moving the app window to the monitor with the GPU on it, but that deosnt' work)


Is there's no way to select which GPU you want it to use ?


Any help would be appriciated, 



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Re: Fusion Studio - GPU selector?

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Hello @snowywater16735. At this time, there is no way to change the GPU used by Fusion Studio. It would be best to use the device that works best with the camera. Other users may have ideas to share so please watch out for their responses. Best regards!