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Fusion Studio Crash (FIX)

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Hey guys, I'm sure we all have the same issues with GoPro Fusion Studio - Sloooow rendering times, laggy issues and of course the worst of them all, it crashes with nearly every video edit.

I have been trying to test my new Fusion and I can honestly say I've wanted to lose my mind with every edit.

So this might not be 100% fail proof but I know my frustration and I hope this can help you start loving your Fusion and actually get your edits done.

Laptop specs
Dell inspiration i7 17"
AMD Radeon 4GB Graphics Card

So at 1st I thought it was my 8GB Ram limiting me but then I decided to open task manager after Fusion Studio crashing everytime trying to render a 20 second 5k video.

I saw 6GB/8GB was being used

I saw Fusion Studio was using the standard Intel graphics card to render all the footage and the AMD Radeon had 0% usage.

Because its 360 it used the 3D memory of the graphics card the most.

When Fusion renders the files it uses 100% of the 3D memory on the graphics card and that's when it crashes

Try This:

1.Open Intel display settings and go to the 3D tab. Click on the optimised tab or high performance. might ask you to choose which programs you want to run in performance mode - add Fusion to the list

3.Now go to your graphics card software (Mine is Radeon settings software)

4.The might be variable options but on my software it has a tab called Switchable apps which allows the higher performance graphics card to take over and use this for programs that require better performance. Your tab options might be different but look for something along these lines.

5. It will ask you which profile you want or which programs you want to add to the list. Go to the installation files of Fusion Studio and add the. exe file

6. Click apply and restart.

7. when you go back to task Manger while rendering a new file in FS you will notice that the hight performance graphics card runs much lower and faster (The highest memory now used is around 55% instead of 100%)

8. The same file that took an hour to render and crash now only took me 3 minutes to render and it ran smoothly.

9. Final thought - make sure you have a higher GB Graphics card to support the 3D rendering of the FS files.

I'm no expert but this has totally fixed my Fusion Studio and I don't even have great specs so I hope this can help everyone
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Re: Fusion Studio Crash (FIX)

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Thank you for sharing, @mrgmanelite ! This will be of great help to Fusion-users who may be having the same issue. By the way, is this worked on the latest Fusion Studio (version 1.2.1)? 

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Re: Fusion Studio Crash (FIX)

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Only a pleasure! I hope it can take the frustration away and make the experience much greater. Yes I do have the latest update installed.