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Re: Fusion Studio 1.3 not working

I found that once the GoPro fusion software crashes, it would continue to crash even if I did a re-installation.  I finally found the trick was to make sure I had deleted any partially rendered files that were left in the output folder.  Once I did this, Fusion studio would load back up again without crashing.  I also find it's quicker and more reliable to render at Pro-Res, however this will take up a lot of space when it comes to outputted files.

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Re: Fusion Studio 1.3 not working

Thank you for sharing, @irishmanpdx. This will help others who might be having the same issue. 


@stuartp838 . A Beta firmware update for both the Fusion camera and Fusion studio was recently released. There is information here about it that might help with your case. Let us know how it goes.