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Fusion Studio 1.2&1.3 - crashing during stitching Win10

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Can you help me? 🧐

Both versions of GoPro Fusion Studio (1.2 and 1.3) keep crashing during stitching. I’d really love to be able to render my 5.2K footage again, since it was working fine until a few weeks ago. Hopefully you can help me with a possible solution I haven’t tried yet.

To start with the basics:
- Win10 – 64 bit
- Intel Core i7-7700T @ 2.9 GHz
- 16GB RAM
- Intel Graphics 630
- GeForce 1050GTX - 4GB
- C-drive SSD 128GB: OS + Fusion Studio installed (sufficient space unused)
- K-drive SSD 500GB: source files (sufficient space unused)
- L-drive SSD 500GB: target drive (sufficient space unused)

Watch this video to see what happens when stitching:

What I’ve already tried to solve this
(all tried at least twice in different orders):
1. Different source and target drives.
2. Forcing GeForce to be used as primary GPU (NVIDIA Control panel + Intel control panel)
3. Uninstalling Fusion Studio 1.2 & 1.3, reinstalling and using one without the other installed.
4. Updating NVIDIA and Intel drivers.
5. Shutting down all kinds of processes running in the background before starting the stitching.
6. Forcing “High performance” under: 
Control Panel > Display > Graphics Settings > Graphics performance preference
7. Run CCleaner to clean up all kinds of mess in dirs and regs.
8. Running Fusion Studio with a high priority setting

What else can I do to make Fusion Studio work properly again?
I’ve got lots of awesome content I’d love to stitch. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Fusion Studio 1.2&1.3 - crashing during stitching Win10

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So, through Facebook I've learnt that stitching with stereo sound makes the process run stable.

But, that doesn't solve the issue yet since I need to stitch Cineform 5.2K with Ambisonic sound.


I found another thread where is said that the dev team is working on a solution.

Any thoughts on when it will be solved?

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Re: Fusion Studio 1.2&1.3 - crashing during stitching Win10

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Hello @fireysurf56568. If you contact our Support team here , they will be able to walk you through the next steps. You may reach the team by phone or chat. When you do, make sure that you have access to your computer as well as the camera, and that sample videos are handy. This way, Support will be able to assist you as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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Re: Fusion Studio 1.2&1.3 - crashing during stitching Win10

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they wont fix it because they dont care about their paying customers.  it's been broken since release. just sell your camera and move on thats what i did

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Re: Fusion Studio 1.2&1.3 - crashing during stitching Win10

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Hi @dw450


Please reach out to our Support Team to check on this further,

You may reach them via phone or chat.