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Re: Fusion Studio 1.0 freezes my computers

Thanks Ryan, some of the suggestions have worked well, and I appreciate your help.


I've better success with the time lapse. 


The Fusion software is not crashing when rending, but it does stop rendering the video and then the render queue goes static. I'm only putting one item in the queue at a time.


Here goes...





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Re: Fusion Studio 1.0 freezes my computers

Same issue here, as far as I can tell this is all typical go pro, no quality control and poor customer service.  This is not a computer issue, I have tried this on 3 macs and 2 PC's and all with the latest drivers.  The rendering will simply freeze at different points, but will never compete.  Occasionally the iphone app will crash while trying to render that way.  So far all this is good for is still images, and they can only be rendered via phone app, the computer app is far too buggy and poorly tested

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Re: Fusion Studio 1.0 freezes my computers

I am not having issues with it freezing, but it takes ages to do anything.
Brand new computer specs:
Ryzen 7 1800x OC 3.8Ghz
32GB RAM 3200
Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB
Liquid Cooling (CPU never goes over 35C)
I left a video processing yesterday and it's 30 minutes, took 5 hours!
Everything is on SSD (Samsung 850 EVO), not merged files are in one SSD and the final result in another.

It was slow on the Fusion Studio 1.0, but with the new updated 1.1 it takes forever.
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Re: Fusion Studio 1.0 freezes my computers

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It really is bull**bleep**.  I installed the GoPro Fusion Studio on three different machines because trying narrow the video window and change perspective eventually freezes the machine.  Its apparent this has not been tested AT ALL. If it was tested it wasn't tested on a macpro, macbook pro or dell machines (windows 10, i7).  I finally gave up trying to get access to my vacation video/photos.  Funny thing though, Adobe Premiere seems to be able to pan aro