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Feedback and some general discussion on VR experience

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Howdy Folks,


Firstly the 360's full potential has yet to be realized in the broader community, I'm super keen to see GoPro continue to invest int he 360 space, its a whole new dimension. My primary sell point for why I got one? because in 20yrs when I can look back at memories of my children when they were still young like I was right there. Anyone on the fence for the 360 I say pull the trigger.and get a tripod for it.


Thank you go pro!


Now on to the constructive stuff.


GoPro, the desktop app, seriously, what happened? really dissapointing to the support dropped please address this. I'm sure there are a line of customers feeling the pain here. failing reserection please consider a partnership for GoPro and someone else for a desktop editing suit offering for GoPro Subscribers and customers.

Oculus Quest 2, I tried this evening to watch a 360 video loaded from the gopro media library online. I used Firefox Browser on the Quest 2. The video loaded I was able to play but it would NOT play in 360. This is a major area where I would love to be able to buy a Quest 2 and view my library through an app. Lets go further and say what if I could use my Quest 2 (which is a standalone OS) to connect to he my phone to connect to my GoPro Camera (or better yet directly). This would make for a net new customer experience and also let me simply show nanna some videos of the kids when we see her, and its like she was right there! just make it super easy for folks, I searched how to do on the internet and its a multi step process for something that should be next, next, finish.

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Re: Feedback and some general discussion on VR experience

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Hi @cunningstunts


We are continuously working on improving the experience of our users.
We'll have this shared with the team in charge.


Regarding the Oculus Quest 2, check out the steps shared by a member.




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Re: Feedback and some general discussion on VR experience

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Hey Ej,


Many thanks for they speedy reply and the link, I totally agree there is a path to make this happen, its just a bad experience, it would be a 1000% better customer experience if, I could just use a GoPro Oculus App OR it just worked in the Firefox (or whatever) browser for 360 media to watch and I'll go further and say EDIT too (geez, that would be an experience!) using VR. Bonus points to the dev team if they can enable this to work locally with no internet for connected devices!

Otherwise you guys are killing this space keep it up!