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Fed up with the Loading Media problem.. what are the alternatives for Content Management (Not Edit)

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I am pretty fed up with GoPro {cough} Quik never actually loading (go pro studio never had this issue).. even if it leave it open over night.. restart.. reinstall.. try several other work arounds..  There are tons of other editors out there but I am more concerened and wanting a good tool for content management.


I have Premeir Elements's w/Organizer 2018 function (no where near Bridge used to be for photos) but it honestly just lets you see the file directory (but it at least can load can an entire directory with 1000s of videos and load in a few minutes from installation).. but it doesn't do indepth folder organizationa and tagging and rating and other functions I enjoy with my photos like in Lightroom (which I am also slowly moving away from due to Adobe's horrible subscription model and increasingly crippleware unless you use the cloud version which absolutely sucks). I only use elements because it is stand alone but it also doesn't meet the need completely. 


What non-Cloud based alternatives are there for basic video content management for organization, thumbs, tags, etc?