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Feature requests - Quick

Hi All,

I am a relatively new user, and kind of a control freak. So these issues might bother only a small subset of the population. But anyway:


1) When downloading the media via a USB-C cable on a Mac using the Quick application, there is no progress bar activity. The progress bar stays at the very beginning. One can monitor the progress only by checking the media tab, or the filesystem itself. It is kind of annoying not to have any indication if the system still works, or it is frozen totally.


2) The downloaded media is put in a folder with the name of YYYY-MM-DD. I have my images in folders with the YYYYMMDD naming conventions for the last 20+ years. It would be really nice if one could configure this newly created folder name rule on the UI. Canon softwares have a dropdown with the most used possibilities.


3) Same area, another issue: my naming convention for folder names is the following: "YYYYMMDD a short name here @deviceId". I know it could look strange, I just chose this convention - again - 20+ years ago. So always having a subfolder created inside the folder with the date is kind of an annoyance for me. The UI lets you edit the name of the subfolder, but you can not put empty folder name there, the subfolder is always created. It would be really nice to have the option not to create a subfolder. To create the dated folder with a preset suffix would be the cherry on the top.


4) I currently try to upgrade the firmware on my Hero Black 8, the progress is still at 0% after 10 minutes, it says transferring files... . It could be that it is really downloading something, in which case some progress indication would be nice. If this will not change for a while, I will need to investigate.


Aside of all these small things, the camera is great.


Regarding the versions: GoPro Black 8, Mac OS Catalina, up-to-date. Quick just installed 20 minutes ago.

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Re: Feature requests - Quick

We appreciate the feedback, @attilae6085. We will pass these along to the team. 


For item 1: We see a progress bar on our end. At this time, we are not certain what could be causing the progress bar to not display at all times. If you can, see if the same is observed when import is done via SD card (inserted through and SD adapter to your Mac). 


For item 4: We recommend doing a manual update instead. The steps under Manual Update here will guide you.