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Error! Frame Scale = 0

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There is already a post with explanation how to solve this error message but I followed the soultion descriptions and still get the same error.


Problem description:
- I use IMac with BigSur

- GoPro Max is conected to the IMac via USB

- I call the function - import media. Result: It displays media icons but just black boxes. By trying to start the clip via doublecklicking it comes with the frame scale error


I also tries with the solution "start Quick with standard settings => same error 

Also trying to import MP4 file from other folders leads to same error


By using the same GoProMax with the same files and using the Iphone Quick app => everything works without any problem. 

Is there anyone who can help me with this problem?



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Re: Error! Frame Scale = 0

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Hi @foggyvista53660


What Quik for desktop version are you using?


Please note that while some functions of cameras may work with Quik for desktop, we have not provided any updates to the program prior to HERO8 and therefore we are unable to determine what features will work, what won't, and what consistency you may get with HERO8 and newer models.


You may also explore other programs that can be used for the same purpose. Moreover, the GoPro App also supports importing, viewing, and editing GoPro media on a compatible mobile device. 





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Re: Error! Frame Scale = 0

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Hello Ej,

thank you for your response.
I´m using Quick Version and Big Sur on Mac.

I know and already mentionned that I also tried it on the mobile device and it works. BUT for me this is only a solution for short, quick and dirty clip editing. I do not provide an IMac and do then Video editing on a small mobile device.

I still do not understand, why GoPro provides the solution only for mobile devices and no longer supporting this for desktop. Users get used to the way of working on the mobile app and of course can do some small editing at the hotel after a daily tour. But beiing at home again, it makes sense to edit larger "projects" on a desctop by usind the SAME known tool and not having to learn new tools.