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Editing a story

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I recently created a story with a total of 60 or so videos and pictures from my recent vacation. The problem is I am unable to edit the story now... Is this because I added photos from my camera roll and not GoPro? I have other stories where I've added photos from my phone and those are also unable to be edited (& stories of just go pro footage seem to be working fine). Is there a way to add media recorded/captured on my cellphone to the quik app so this doesn't happen? (if that is the problem of course)


Only other thing I can think of is that the story has 60 videos so maybe the app just can't handle it? (Have tried on both my phone and laptop) cell phone media is not on laptop so maybe it just can't locate them? not too sure


Appreciate any help that may be provided!

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Re: Editing a story

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The desktop (laptop) app isn't going to be able to use non-GoPro media. As far as the mobile app, you might need to choose the option to duplicate the story to allow you to edit. The mobile app and the desktop app, while sharing the same name, are very different applications and do not function in the same manner.