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Dumping this dreadful GoPro app for HERO9 Black

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I've tried now for several days to get this thing working correctly. I'm done. UNinstalling everything and cancelling my membership (49/year for what?!). I have tried to use the GoPro desktop for w10, the GoPro Quik v8.1 (10413) on my android Samsung phone, the GoPro Quik v8.1 (10413) on my Samsung Tablet7 and the on the interent. NONE of the 4 options give me the same results.

1. No matter what, I have to constantly sign in and get a permission code dinged on my phone to use the app (wtf?)

2. My "cloud" files show up on my desktop app, but not all of them show up on my phone, tablet or online app (it's the same sign-in user/password that should be identical on any device!)

3. I can only "edit" and "clip" on my desktop app - none of the other three.

4. I cannot save as a youtube file from my desktop app - it gives me an error everytime (which was the whole point of editing and then sharing files to begin with!)

5. My desktop app does not recognize my camera when pluggen into the USB port. I've tried every fix I can find, not happening (have to put memory card in translater to upload onto my desktop).

6. Not that it matters cause it can't see the camera anyway, there is no "import file" command in the pull downs.

6. Scouring these forums and other site reviews, the GoPro ppl have some convoluted workaround answer for almost every basic issue I am reading! Doesn't anything work the first time in this software?

7. Even this forum board is clumsy, slow and need several steps to make a post!


Life got sooooo much easieer when finally I manually uploaded all my vids onto my desktop via a card reader and then opened with MS photos, clicked edit and trim and walla all done. Easily uploadable to youtube from there.


GoPro makes a great piece of hardware that is expensive, but the software side is DEPLORABLE! Goodbye GoPro quick and desktop, don't let the door hit you on the way out!

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Re: Dumping this dreadful GoPro app for HERO9 Black

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Hey mate, I agree that the software is **bleep**, especially for such a big company like gopro.

To get your camera to be recognised by your pc, go onto your gopro, go into preferences, connections usb connections, and then select MTP (it is crazy that this isn't automatically chosen when you plug your gopro into the pc. But yeh, let me know if that works mate:) (did for me)