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GoPro Apps for Desktop
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Dauer der Videos in GoPro Quik für Desktop

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Aus welchen Gründen ist die Dauer der Clips in der GoPro Quik-Desktop-App auf 60 Sekunden beschränkt, während die Android-App auch längere Videos erstellen kann? Kann das mal geändert werden?

Danke und viele Grüße

Christopher Nolte

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Re: Dauer der Videos in GoPro Quik für Desktop

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Hello, @chrisno23. The length of the video created in the apps, like that of the Quik for desktop app, is fixed. There is no way to adjust them. 

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Re: Dauer der Videos in GoPro Quik für Desktop

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I find this extremely annoying that you can't make longer video's.Smiley Frustrated

I mean come on ....

Just bought a "Hero 7 black" last week and was finally able to get the desktop app working. It kept crashing, so I had to read a lot of topics in this support section.


How can a company like Gopro make such a useless app to edit video's !!

That kind of makes the camera's themselves useless.

I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit video's, but I need the Gopro app to add "gauges" on the video.

But since 60s is the max you can export I'll have to export my video's multiple times ...