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GoPro Apps for Desktop
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DJI just came out with an action cam didn't they?

I feel like go pro is trying to push it's user base to mobile apps. There hasn't been a real upgrade to the desktop software in how long? Not to mention it has more bugs than my dog and cat combined. I get at kind of...seems the world is going to mobile....but! There are still plenty of us out here that use a workstation to take their time, and deliver a proper edit.


go pro guys! If you pay any attention to these forums.....UPDATE THE QUIK DESKTOP APP PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ANYTHING!


List of my current quick issues....


  1. Can not log in through the app. (clicking on sign in does nothing, app just sits there)
  2. Can not play HEVC files because computer is "not powerful enough" (how many people have this issue now? and we've all got beefy systems trust me because why? HELLO! We're editing 4K action cam footage! Or rather we would be if your app actually worked)
  3. Because I can not log in I can not utilize the extra audio tracks to overlay onto my footage that I get from being a PLUS subscriber. (trial memebership admittedly but why am I going to pay to continue to use it when I obviously will get nothing out of it?)
  4. quik app consistently glitches out when transferring files to system. (transfers some, then stops, then I have to import again to get the rest, then delete all...wait...only deleted from when I restarted have to manually delete from camera.)
  5. Importing error, camera date off by 1137 days....I just reset it last week....
  6. Importing error....wait what!? I just reset it before I packed up to go to ensure I didn't have this problem.
  7. Correct camera date? May have to correct some dates on imported footage.....(great now I have to search through these dozens of videos and hundreds of photos..........hours later...DONE!......wait....quik doesn't shos my HEVC content because it thinks my computer can'**K!!!!!!!!!!

Need I go on? These aren't isolated issues...these are widespread, consistently occuring problems that you essentialy are telling us YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT!!! They're all over your forums!  And the most common answer we customer support. We have. Gets us nowhere.


I currently own a hero session, 2 hero 5 blacks, and 2 hero 7 blacks. I honestly don't really give 2 craps about they new hero 8 black if I'm not going to have a decent program to use with it.


DJI just released recently their action camera Osmo Action. I'm going to try it out. And before you say anything, yes I know they have NO desktop app to begin with. But at least they're not di**ing me around with a half baked desktop app to start with. If their camera/mobile app is half as good as it looks, I'm there. You guys can keep anything else because at this point this software issue is just a slap in the face.


Thanks for your time anyone who reads this and I hope it delivers some insight to some of the frustrations of the community.


Sorry for being long winded but this has been bugging me (pun intended) for a good while now.


Good day!