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Current Windows solution to reframe 360 videos from your GoPro Max

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Regarding the workflow to my opinion and current knowledge:

- For Iphone and most modern Android phones there are available apps. These can be used eg for reframing etc and what I have seen from eg 360 youtube channels, that these are working quit nice but you need to have a modern Iphone or Android phone

- For Desktop Mac users there is also a downloadable software which seems to work quit nice including reframing

- For Windows desktop users, there is only the exporter software but no reframing software yet from GoPro. 


So for Windows users and who like to reframe etc, they can select from the following alternatives (currently):

1. Use Adobe CC (monthly payment required)

2. Use the Insta360 studio 2019 software (free of charge)

3. Use the Magix video software (one time off purchase not so expensive)

4. Use the Davinci Resolve software (also free of charge)


From the above list, I have tried number 2, 3 and 4 and they all work. However comparing the rendered footage, and ease of use, I prefer to use the Magix video software. This is easier then Davinci and better quality (unless you purchase the paid version of Davinci). 

With the Magix video software, you can fully reframe and also create so called tiny planets.


So please feel free to share your current way of working so that other forum visitors and GoPro Max users can learn from each other


Of course we are all waiting until GoPro releases their solution for Windows. But in meantime you can use the above options