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Corrupted files?

I think that my files are corrupted. I cannot open any photos/videos which I took yesterday, but photos/videos which I took today I can open them. The files are there, I can see them with the gopro mobile app and desptop apps. But it doesn't allow me to import them or open them.

Navigating the camera menus, the file count is there. SD card is a Verbatim. All the files are taking up space within the SD card.

Gopro and related apps are all up to date.

When I insert the SD card on its own it says that the card is corrupted and unreadable.

Is their a way to fix or retrieve the files.

I read somewhere about an SOS mode on the gopro (I have a GoPro Hero 4 Black), but this doesn't seem to kick in.

Any help or suggestions?

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Re: Corrupted files?

Hello @nateg31. The issue is associated with an incompatible SD card. Verbatim is not among the recommended SD cards for GoPro cameras. Unfortunately, we do not have any preferred methods of data recovery as this may vary from SD card manufacturers of the preferred methods for recovering your data. We recommend to reach out to the SD card manufacturer to further troubleshoot the SD card. 

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Re: Corrupted files?