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Copy metadata from source video to a retouched 360 video encoded with After Effects and back to FS

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So we shot quite a bit of footage with our GoPro Fusion and unfortunately had some of our rig showing in the back shot. We had the idea to simply mask this area out since it was right at the edge of the fisheye recording, re-export from AE using the same filetype, data rate, resolution, fps, etc., then re-import into GoPro Fusion Studio to stitch and stabilize everything. In theory we feel this should work great, but we've exhausted all options trying to make this work, and would love to hear thoughts from this community. 


After a lot of research we came to the conclusion that it's most likely due to missing metadata, and perhaps the GPMF data? So, we tried to use ffmpeg to merge the retouched video from After Effects, with the other streams found in the source file, to a new file.


ffmpeg copied quite a bit of metadata for us, but not in the right places, and it was still missing the GoPro metadata. So, we turned to ExifTool, but ultimately it didn't get us much closer.  


We have a support case going right now with GoPro, but in the meantime we'd love to hear from others here in hopes of finding a solution. I've posted much of the details already at ExifTool's forum, and on SuperUser. 


You can read more details here:

ExifTool Forum Post,10405.0.html

SuperUser Question


We also found a note from David Newman on Facebook in the GoPro Fusion 360 Group and he stated: "Ffmpeg can copy the GPMF metadata tracks. However it seems to miss information from the header, so have a separate tool for that, somewhere, I will look for it tomorrow." He also mentioned that they did something similar to this when they were beta testing Fusion Studio. So, it seems this is possible, but we are unsure specifically what streams, metadata, etc. is needed to make this happen. 


Finally, I've found a utility named mp4box as well, but I'm not sure it will be capable of copying the GoPro specific data. 


Looking forward to any suggestions you all might have. We are really just searching for more detail on what exactly Fusion Studio requires to successfully import the MP4s.


Thank you so much!