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Converted media won't transfer to storyboard.

I'm putting together a large project and iv gotten a decent amount done but now all of a sudden when i convert the media files i click and drag them to the story board but then just return to the media Bin why is this??

I have majority of the files saved on an external hard drive and have had no problems with over 40 clips until now.
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Re: Converted media won't transfer to storyboard.

Hi @mattapps


I'm sorry your post has sat here for a long time without any response. Are you still running into this issue? 


If so, is all of this footage GoPro footage or do you have content from other cameras in the project too? 


Next, have you moved any of the footage from its original location since importing or converting it and starting your project? If so, the computer may not be able to find the files themselves. In Step 1 of GoPro Studio you'll see at the bottom there's a SAVE TO: location. Is that location still accessible to your computer or has it lost connection, for example if the indicated folder is on an external hard drive that's been disconnected? 


If you move the raw files to your actual computer's hard drive and reconvert them to a folder on the computer's hard drive (rather than using the external hard drive) are you then able to move them over to the storyboard successfully? 


If that's still not working, you might want to try updating your graphics drivers on the computer to see if that helps. 


Let us know how it goes!