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Connecting Hero 8 to QUICK on Mac

I spend all day trying to connect my Hero 8 with Quick app on my Mac. I downloaded and re downloaded the Quick app multiple times. I reset the camera and reformatted the SD card multiple times, Spent over 2 hours on the phone with a Go Pro cutomer service rep and was told the camera is defective and need to send it back. Really?


So does the Hero 8 work with the Quick app or not, Go Pro web site says it only worked for Hero 7 and below,


I am getting the run around from Go Pro. Spent all day and have to send new camera back


Wish I had kept my Hero 4

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Re: Connecting Hero 8 to QUICK on Mac

Hi @skipmcq


Quik for desktop should recognize HERO8 Black files.

Have you tried using an SD card adapter?

You may also check How to Import Camera Files to a Computer - Mac


For MacOS Catalina, you need to allow access to removable drives.

Here's how to get to the control settings for these files and folders:

  • Apple menu  > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click Privacy
  • Select Files and Folders.
  • Select the checkbox below an app to allow it to access files and folders in that location.

Let us know how it goes.







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Re: Connecting Hero 8 to QUICK on Mac

Thanks, I followed the instructions and gave access to Quick app from privacy settings. I have a new i MAC with Catalina and cannot get Quick to connect with my  new Hero 8 camera. Have downloaded app several times, I was on the phone for several hours with GO pro support and they ran out of ideas and told me to send my camera back.


I reluctantly did but I am not sure its a problem with the camera, 


Anyone else have this problem?


My Hero 4 worked seamlessly with Quick on this computer, 




I was also confused since the Go Pro site indicated Quick "may or may not" work with camerals newer than Hero 7, Not sure what this means. Did not give me much confidence.

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Re: Connecting Hero 8 to QUICK on Mac

Hi @skipmcq,


Not really sure why did they decided to replace / return the camera. 

Sometimes it's just the cable that we are using. 

Some cables are not working and some cables are working properly it happens even on the original cable. 


But if it's a brand new camera and you still have an option to return / exchange the camera then you can try it. 






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Re: Connecting Hero 8 to QUICK on Mac

Not sure why they wanted me to return my camera, I did reluctantly because they ran out of ideas and told me it was a camera problem,


After I already sent it back I was able to get Quick to read my Hero 8 SD card my checking the "removable volumes" box in the privacy settings.


It sees the sd card and recognizes it as Hero 8 and I can download into Quick. Not sure if this is a temporary or permanent fix. Not sure what they will do to my camera ( if anything )


Have spent an entire day working on this though, 

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Re: Connecting Hero 8 to QUICK on Mac

Thanks, thats helps !!! I spend 4 hours in few days to chat with GoPro "eNGINEERS" and no one said me to let access to mac FILES and FOLDRES. Installed new QUIK, updated GP8 by SD card, reset all USB ports on my Mac, and many other steps... One "engineer" suggested that I replace my computer with a new one !!! That was the BEST !!!