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Connect Hero7 Black with GoPro Quik



I'm new user with my Hero7 Black and I'm trying to connect GoPro Quik for the first time ever. When I plug my camera into the computer and turn the camera on, the camera screen just says "USB CONNECTED", but there's no selection for "Import Files" as I understand there should be?


Hope you cou

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Re: Connect Hero7 Black with GoPro Quik

@palle80, please run any available OS updates and make sure to have the latest update for your Graphics Card/s drivers installed. Use the GoPro USB-C cable that came with the camera. There are some troubleshooting steps here that will help: 


Alternatively, you may use an SD card reader/adapter to connect the microSD card to your computer. 

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Re: Connect Hero7 Black with GoPro Quik

Thanks @aenriquez!

Everything is checked and up-to-date, but nothing seems to work expect using SD card directly to my laptop. It would be just so much easier with the USB-C and charging the battery at the same time.

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Betreff: Connect Hero7 Black with GoPro Quik



all these advices didn't help me to connect my GoPro 7 Black directly with the computer. So I tried a litlle bit... I've determined that the connection doesn't work with the standard cable. It only charges the battery. There are two options to connect it.


1. GoPro --> Original cable --> USB hub (for example from Anker) --> PC

2. GoPro --> another USB-A to USB-C cable (USB 3.0) --> PC


Now I can access my files with the explorer. One issue remains: Quik app doesn't recognize the connection. But for me it doesn't matter. For me it's necessary to use the explorer an not this unusable app. And I don't want to connect the SD card cause plugged in the camera I can connect to file access and I can charge the battery at the same time with one cable.

So GoPro, maybe get this app working correctly..!