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Computer Resource Use Observations

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Hello all,


Some observations while rendering video:

  • Only 10 of the 20 cores of CPU utilized fully
  • Only ~50% of GPU utilized

GoPro team, is this the limit?  If so, then please put in a request to improve resource usage of Fusion Studio so I can render these videos and get on with it!


Loving the Fusion camera but the software is extremely disappointing.


Thank you,




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Re: Computer Resource Use Observations

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I just did some benchmarking with my delidded i9-7900X and:

  • At stock speed (33x base and 40x turbo) 19.00 video rendered at 5.2K in 1:00.00 with 12 of 20 cores
  • At overclock (45x) same video rendered in 2:00.00 with 10 of 20 cores

Conclusion, Fusion Studio is confused.

I wish it would use all 20!