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Can't sing in to quik desktop app

Please help.

I got my first and new HERO5 BLACK and also got a new PC with W10 operating system.

I downloaded the QUIK APP for desktop and tried to sign in with my user name and password,

press the sing in button and then the app freeze and get stuck.I tried and repeat to sign in many times but didn't work.

I also uninstalled and reinstalled again but nothing.

The QUIK APP works fine in my old PC with W7 but it works very slowly. that's the reasons I got a new one.

This is the version number of the QUICK APP -

Please help me to solve this problems. I paid a lot off money and just want to make, design and share my videos.


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Re: Can't sing in to quik desktop app

@charrito79 - Not sure what's going on here, but there could be something going on with the settings on your computer. Our team at can help try to figure this out with you.




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Re: Can't sing in to quik desktop app

I'm having a similar problem. The app is telling I need an internet connection to log in. Quik used to work fine but I ran the auto update today and the login is preventing me from using the app. I have cleared my cookies and reinstalled the app but the problem persists.


I don't like to complain about free software but here's the thing, The reason I purchased the Hero 5 is for the gps and gauges. The gps chip in the Hero 5 is excellent actually, I compared the data to my locosys GW52 which is specialised windsurfing gps and the Hero 5 turned out to be very accurate.  however it's useless if I can't use the Gauges and the software side of the gps functionality has been mediocre at best. Even when it worked the quik app was clunky and difficult to use but that's fine it's a free app. I don't understand why the gauges aren't available through the GoPro studio software?


It's really a shame that the gps feature is not supported properly as like I said the chip is excellent. From my point of view if GoPro is going to sell a cam with gps support it's not very good to have almost no support for the feature. Oh well... fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

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Re: Can't sing in to quik desktop app

Problem solved my firewall was blocking the app. It would still be nice to have the gauges in GoPro studio though.