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Can't import old .mov files in Quik

I have just dowenloaded Quik and I'm trying to import some old files from my GoPro from 2015. The files are all .mov (see below). I moved these all from an external HD to a new 'GoPro' folder in my 'Pictures' folder on my new Mac. I selected this as my Media folder in Quik but it doesn't seem to recognise the files or import anything.


I also tried to play these files in QuickTime but it says it can't open the files.


Do I need to convert these files so that they work with Quik?


Thanks for the help!

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Re: Can't import old .mov files in Quik


Hi @swiftbeach25500


The GoPro files should be saved as an mp4 file for the application to read it.


You may also check this article: How to Add Media Folders in Quik for desktop





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Re: Can't import old .mov files in Quik

Thanks for the help - I read through the artcile and this is pretty much what I did.


Can you recommend the best way to batch convert these files to mp4 files? I assumed the .mov viles were the files that came straight from my GoPro.


I noticed that I can work with the .mov files in Premiere so perhaps don't need to use them if I use that. I just wanted to try the Quik software.