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CPU/GPU usage on Windows - Quik vs GoPro Studio vs VLC

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For a while now I have had big problems editing footage using Quik. Its choppy, unstable video but perfect audio.

In this GoPro link the suggestion is to view the footage using VLC. So I did. It plays perfectly.

In my tests, all I did was view the same 21 second video file, no editing.

I used the latest GoPro download of Quik - which also installed GoPro Studio (which I thought was discontinued - but that's another issue).

My laptop meets all requirements, apart from the HDD speed is 5400, not the specified 7200RPM.


Here's the results:

GPU usage with VLC:

Untitled picture.png


CPU usage with VLC:

Untitled picture1.png


GPU usage with Quik

Untitled picture2.png


CPU usage with Quik

Untitled picture3.png


GPU usage with GoPro Studio

Untitled picture4.png


CPU usage with GoPro Studio

Untitled picture5.png


Why do VLC and Quik GPU usage look similar, but behave so differently? Viewing with Quik is almost unwatchable.


Could anyone help me understand what is happening here? Thanks in advance!