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Bypass YouTube quality issue.

Hello guys...
Everytime I upload a video(1080p) on YouTube. It feels like YouTube likes to downgrade the quality. It's most noticeable when you're flying fast as heck. That means... The video bitrate is low. Plus, you see micro blocks, too. 
Tools I used:
MediaInfo(Software) : Displays technical information about media files, as well as tag information for many audio and video files.
YouTuber Downloader(Software) : Video extractor .
After doing some testing. This is what I found out. GoPro Session 4 video bitrate is 25mbps(NO PROTUNE) on 1080p(S) @ 48fps. When I uploaded the video on YouTube. YouTube downgraded the video bitrate to 12mbps. In other words, It doesn't show the camera true quality. This is why I get this weird blockiness and blurry image on 1080p. The only way to bypass this issue is to upscale the 1080p video to 2K(2560x1440p). Upscaling the 1080p(S) @ 48fps to 2K will trick YouTube system check.  In other words, you will get your video bitrate to 24mbps. it's very close to your GoPro Session 4 video quality. 
Look at the example picture and data sheet to bypass it. Remember this....The original video is 1080p(S) @ 48fps. It works guys!



Use this data sheet to help you get the best quality or trick the system. This data sheet is from YouTube. 





People with highend camera will be downgraded regardless. The only thing good about highend camera. You could downsample your videos to create super dense pixels for low resolution. That's about it. 

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Re: Bypass YouTube quality issue.

If you look at it this way. 4K quality is 1080p, 1080p is 720p and 720p is 480p.